(August 2017)

Hello everyone!

My name is Sarah, I’m almost 30 and I ‘ve been blogging from the north of France since 2014. My former blog (aka Sconesandstones) crushed down a couple of months ago and as i didn’t want to waste my time trying to fix it out, I decided to create a new one. Thanks to my blog I’ve met plenty of people mostly interested by textile arts just like me.

Since april 2015 I’ve mostly been sewing clothes but I’m also fond of embroidery and I’ve been attending a patchwork class since 2016.

It’s a pleasure to me to share my passion for textile and hand made, and what I’m finding out every day in the sewing community on the internet and around me as well.

You can write to me at my former’s blog email address: sconesandstones@gmail.com.
I will be happy to answer!

I’m also on Instagram then follow me!